3D MBD - Model Based Definition with TransMagic

Model Based Definition

Advanced functionality for viewing, translating and editing meta-data attached to parts and assemblies. Gain clear and accurate access to the engineering meta-data attached to parts and assemblies including Product Manufacturing Information (PMI). View, inspect, print, edit and translate MBD data. See all supported CAD translation formats

Detailed Product Features

PMI Browser

Model Based Definition: PMI Browser

Quick access to any views containing meta-data. Captured views can be embedded in a part or assembly. Views can be reviewed later, exported to Excel or HTML, printed or saved in the View Browser. In addition, each individual GD&T symbol and item is listed comprehensively for dynamic selection and review of semantic associativity to the geometry.

PMI Read/Write

Model Based Definition: PMI Read/Write

Convert PMI into polylines (for 3D Viz-Rep formats) or wire-frame geometry (for 3D B-Rep formats) for output formats that do not natively support PMI. Allows PMI to travel with any format into any application regardless of true native PMI support; for example, take PMI into an IGES file or an STL model. Write semantic PMI natively to JT and graphical PMI to any other 3D format in TransMagic.

Extract Assembly Tree Data

Model Based Definition: Extract Assembly Data

Easily extract assembly hierarchy and part list information for use in applications like costing or parts management. This data can even be exported in text or XML format for further analysis.

Associative PMI

Model Based Definition: Associative PMI

In TransMagic, the PMI meta-data supports the semantic association in native formats. This means when selecting a dimension, the corresponding geometry will highlight.

PMI Extraction

Model Based Definition: PMI Extraction

Manage PMI with tools to extract data, specifications and critical characteristics. Push this data out to XML files for use in downstream processes like manufacturing and quality control.

Read and Extract PMI

Model Based Definition: Read and Extract PMI

Accurately read and display PMI and other critical manufacturing information. Translate PMI data to XML or a variety of other 3D formats that support PMI. Leverage the PMI information to power your downstream manufacturing and inspection processes.

 Choose the TransMagic Edition that's Right for You

  • TransMagic SUPERVIEW: Ultimate View and Quote Product
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  • For anyone who needs to view, measure, mark-up and share 3D data without owning the native application.

  • Perfect for Viewing and Quoting plus:

    View, measure and mark-up View heterogeneous CAD data Extract and re-use product data View and manage PMI information Optimize STL for 3D printing Create technical documentation Rapidly prepare accurate quotes
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  • TransMagic PRO: 3D CAD Translation and Reuse Product
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  • For users who also need to translate CAD data to neutral 3D formats.

  • Includes all SUPERVIEW features plus:

    Write to neutral CAD formats including: STEP, IGES, ACIS, Parasolid, STL, DWG, OBJ, HSF, PLY, and 3D HTML Run directly inside SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor

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  • TransMagic EXPERT: Top 3D CAD Reuse Product
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  • For translating to native 3D formats, working often with multi-CAD assemblies, and preparing CAD data for mold making, casting and forging.
  • Includes all PRO features plus:

    Write to native 3D formats including CATIA V4, V5, V6, CGR, JT, and Inventor Combine and precisely position heterogeneous 3D data Boolean operations and non-uniform scaling of parts and assemblies
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