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CAD Conversion

Read in virtually any native or neutral 3D CAD data format. Combine heterogeneous CAD parts and assemblies. Use TransMagic's powerful repair and assembly management tools to optimize your CAD data and then write out to all major native and neutral 3D formats. See all supported CAD translation formats

Detailed Product Features

Convert CAD to Neutral Formats

CAD Conversion: Convert CAD to Neutral Formats

There are many uses for a variety of neutral CAD formats including ACIS, SMLib, IGES, STEP and Parasolid. TransMagic supports the reuse of CAD data in countless downstream applications. TransMagic saves models into specific format versions for backward compatibility with additional options to ensure optimal model translation and usage.

Multi-CAD Environment

CAD Conversion: Multi-CAD Environment

Mix parts and assemblies from multiple CAD formats and precisely position them in 3D space. Accurately scale geometry in different units to ensure manufacturability. Create assemblies of just the parts you need and save out to any supported 3D-format. Extract parts from a specific assembly into a new file for further repair or investigation, and then plug them back in to the original assembly.

Read and Extract PMI

CAD Conversion: Read and Extract PMI

Accurately read and display PMI and other critical manufacturing information. Translate PMI data to XML or a variety of other 3D formats that support PMI. Leverage the PMI information to power your downstream manufacturing and inspection processes.

Convert CAD to Native Formats

CAD Conversion: Convert CAD to Native Formats

When working with many native applications including CATIA, AutoCAD, and NX, TransMagic easily outputs high-fidelity native file formats. Additional export options ensure version compatibility. TransMagic native outputs are highly optimized for high quality 3D CAD data transfer.

Assembly Management

CAD Conversion: Assembly Management

Easily create new-assemblies and sub-assemblies. Re-assemble, re-order and re-name existing parts and assemblies. Simply click-and-drag in the advanced Assembly Browser, use direct-selection, or access functionality through the right-click context menu.

CAD to CAD Translation

CAD Conversion: Bi-Directional CAD Translation

When you need to translate CAD files, rely on TransMagic's well-tested technology to optimize the CAD data exchange process and deliver the highest quality results in over 40 file formats.  Even for "dirty CAD data," TransMagic has the tools to quickly and accurately analyze and repair the geometry so you can move on with your process.

Open Large Assemblies

CAD Conversion: Open Large CAD Assemblies

With 64-bit processing, TransMagic is built to handle data sets that contain extremely large and complex assemblies. TransMagic features industry-leading tools to manipulate data and isolate only the needed parts in either a flattened file or assembly model.

Write to Polygonal Formats

CAD Conversion: Write to Polygonal Formats

Easily reuse CAD data for rendering, animation, and 3D printing. Quickly set specific facet resolutions from very coarse to very fine, depending on your need. For STL in particular, TransMagic has additional controls to further refine the polygons for virtually infinite resolution. These extended STL facet controls can even be configured to generate a true FEA surface mesh for use in FEA applications.

 Choose the TransMagic Edition that's Right for You

  • TransMagic SUPERVIEW: Ultimate View and Quote Product
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  • For anyone who needs to view, measure, mark-up and share 3D data without owning the native application.

  • Perfect for Viewing and Quoting plus:

    View, measure and mark-up View heterogeneous CAD data Extract and re-use product data View and manage PMI information Optimize STL for 3D printing Create technical documentation Rapidly prepare accurate quotes
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  • TransMagic PRO: 3D CAD Translation and Reuse Product
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  • For users who also need to translate CAD data to neutral 3D formats.

  • Includes all SUPERVIEW features plus:

    Write to neutral CAD formats including: STEP, IGES, ACIS, Parasolid, STL, DWG, OBJ, HSF, PLY, and 3D HTML Run directly inside SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor

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  • TransMagic EXPERT: Top 3D CAD Reuse Product
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  • For translating to native 3D formats, working often with multi-CAD assemblies, and preparing CAD data for mold making, casting and forging.
  • Includes all PRO features plus:

    Write to native 3D formats including CATIA V4, V5, V6, CGR, JT, and Inventor Combine and precisely position heterogeneous 3D data Boolean operations and non-uniform scaling of parts and assemblies
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