Multi-CAD Visualization and Analysis with TransMagic

Accurate Visual Analysis

Directly query the B-Rep geometry for the most accurate possible measurement and analysis of your 3D CAD data. Verify dimensional information, mass, volume and other data for use in quoting, reporting, and estimation of material usage and shipping costs.

Detailed Product Features

Create Bounding Box

Accurate Visual Analysis: Create Bounding Box

Use the Bounding Box functionality to quickly determine part envelope dimensions for design, analysis, packaging studies or minimum material calculations in quoting operations.

Calculate Surface Area

Accurate Visual Analysis: Calculate Surface Area

Select either single or multiple surfaces to quickly calculate surface area and then annotate the model with this information. Easily determine the quantity needed of a paint or plating/surface treatment material directly from the model.

Precise Positioning

Accurate Visual Analysis: Precise Positioning

There are multiple tools in TransMagic to place parts exactly where they are needed in a 3D space. When preparing a digital mock-up, easily import multiple parts in any CAD format into a new file and place parts in the exact position and orientation required. Align parts in an assembly environment to other parts, axes, planes, radii and more. Ideal for digital mock-up or virtual prototyping.

Advanced Cross Sectioning

Accurate Visual Analysis: Advanced Cross Sectioning

Industry-leading, but easy-to-use advanced multi-axis cross sectioning lets you see the intricate details inside your part or assembly that are often impossible to see in other products.

Measure Wall Thickness

Accurate Visual Analysis: Measure Wall Thickness

Use the Micrometer tool to quickly measure the thickness or angles anywhere on a part. Quickly identify potential problem areas for molding and metal forming. Display easy to reference thickness annotations directly on the model.

Dynamic Dimensioning

Accurate Visual Analysis: Dynamic Dimensioning

This tool makes dimensioning very intuitive and fast. Dynamic means that the tool automatically selects the appropriate type of dimension to use for the selected geometry.

Calculate Mass Properties

Accurate Visual Analysis: Calculate Mass Properties

Quickly calculate mass, volume, center of gravity and inertial properties from the true B-Rep geometry. Easily copy these mass properties to the clipboard for simple data output and manipulation. Determine part weight, balance and other important calculations in just a few simple clicks.

Precise Curvature Analysis

Accurate Visual Analysis: Precise Curvature Analysis

Use the most advanced Curvature Analysis tool available to visually explore the aesthetics of any surface. Areas where the curvature is greater are colorized in red while smoother sections are shown in blue.

View Browser

Accurate Visual Analysis: View Browser

Any view in TransMagic, no matter how complex, can be saved in the View Browser to be reviewed later or used in design reviews and reports. This feature captures the ‘state’ of any view including all view properties in each saved view. Ideal for design reviews, quoting, reporting in Excel or HTML, printing and presentations. Click the saved view icon in the View Browser to recreate the view with exact fidelity.

 Choose the TransMagic Edition that's Right for You

  • TransMagic SUPERVIEW: Ultimate View and Quote Product
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  • For anyone who needs to view, measure, mark-up and share 3D data without owning the native application.

  • Perfect for Viewing and Quoting plus:

    View, measure and mark-up View heterogeneous CAD data Extract and re-use product data View and manage PMI information Optimize STL for 3D printing Create technical documentation Rapidly prepare accurate quotes
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  • TransMagic PRO: 3D CAD Translation and Reuse Product
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  • For users who also need to translate CAD data to neutral 3D formats.

  • Includes all SUPERVIEW features plus:

    Write to neutral CAD formats including: STEP, IGES, ACIS, Parasolid, STL, DWG, OBJ, HSF, PLY, and 3D HTML Run directly inside SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor

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  • TransMagic EXPERT: Top 3D CAD Reuse Product
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  • For translating to native 3D formats, working often with multi-CAD assemblies, and preparing CAD data for mold making, casting and forging.
  • Includes all PRO features plus:

    Write to native 3D formats including CATIA V4, V5, V6, CGR, JT, and Inventor Combine and precisely position heterogeneous 3D data Boolean operations and non-uniform scaling of parts and assemblies
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