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Undetermined Licensing Error - April 13, 2016 - Current Status is Resolved
Some of our customers experienced an 'Undetermined Licensing Error' this morning 4-13-2016. If this has happened to you, just relaunch TransMagic and it should be resolved. If the problem persists, please contact us at

Software Conflict Notice:
FARO CAM2 Q software causes DLL conflicts with TransMagic If you have FARO CAM2 Q installed on your machine, it will cause issues with translations and running TransMagic. This is not the fault of TransMagic but we can help you to correct the issue. If you are running this software alongside TransMagic on the same machine please see the following FAQ at

Support Notice:
There have been some reports of corrupted registry entries for TransMagic settings; this can cause saving to a STEP format to fail, for example. If you experience problems saving, open the TransMagic Settings dialog and click on Reset All Settings to Defaults. This should resolve the problem.

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Implementation and training have been a great plus, along with exceptional Customer Service.

- Neill Aircraft Company, TransMagic User -


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