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TransMagic Command

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TransMagic COMMAND increases productive engineering uptime by eliminating manual, ad-hoc CAD file conversion bottlenecks. Automated geometry repair settings reduce the need for tedious manual re-work in downstream applications. TransMagic COMMAND offers flexible options for integrating with custom applications to streamline processes by off-loading compute intensive operations from engineering desktops.

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TransMagic is on a mission to make engineering data exchange more efficient and less costly.

- Jamie J. Gooch, Desktop Engineering -

Automated High Volume CAD Translation

TransMagic-Command-Automated-CAD-ConversionTransMagic Command enables enterprises to exchange data between all 3D applications by setting up automated CAD to CAD translation with support for all major native CAD and neutral formats. With the ability to create recognition image libraries of engineering parts, file search time is reduced.

  • Automate the translation requirements of up to 200 engineers, freeing them from time-consuming translation and repair tasks to focus on design engineering.
  • Reduce engineering costs by eliminating time spent on CAD data translation.

Automated Large Volume Geometry Repair

TransMagic-Command-Automatic-Geometry-RepairWhat if you could have integrate automated geometry repair operations as part of your product development processes? TransMagic Command automatically closes gaps and fixes geometry errors on large volumes of CAD data. What’s more, engineering teams can easily simplify geometry for use in downstream applications while maintaining design intent through advanced interpretation of analytic shapes.

  • Replace tedious and time consuming manual file repair operations with automatic geometry repair for up to 200 engineers.
  • Reduce costs associated with geometry repair operations when reusing CAD data in downstream applications.

Integrate to PLM

TransMagic-Command-PLM-IntegrationEasily integrate automated CAD to CAD data translation and repair into your PLM processes. With multiple options for integrating TransMagic Command into your PLM systems, teams can easily off load time consuming manual jobs to servers designed for heavy loads. Configurable to run unattended, repair geometry issues automatically and convert data to required formats. Easily program processes with any scripting language. There is no CAD software required to run and CAD data is always ready to use in any software application when needed.

  • Reduce design time by eliminating manual ad-hoc CAD file conversion bottlenecks.
  • Increase productive engineering uptime by offloading time consuming and resource demanding processes to workhorse computers.

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