3D CAD Geometry Analysis with TransMagic MagicHeal

Display Problematic Geometry

MagicHeal allows you to quickly and easily analyze and display problem geometry in a model. When needed, MagicHeal has automatic options to fix most errors that would have otherwise taken hours or days to diagnose and repair.

Detailed Product Features

Automatic Clean Up

perform automatic cleanup with transmagic

Find and remove zero-length edges, zero-area faces, duplicate edges, vertices and other common problems with solid models that are received from customers and suppliers, all without changing the design or intent.

Simplify Geometry

transmagic simplify geometry

Reduce the complexity and size of your models without changing their exterior shape by removing complex NURBS surfaces and replacing them with simple surfaces. Protect company designs and intellectual property. Streamline analysis time with more efficient models.

Increase Fidelity

transmagic increase model fidelity

If CAD geometry contains large gaps due to errors in modeling or loose tolerances, TransMagic will extend and re-intersect the surfaces so that the edges are more accurate and lie on the intersections.

Patch Holes

patch holes with transmagic

Use MagicSurface to easily and accurately identify and cover problematic holes or missing surfaces in your data to quickly generate usable solid models for downstream operations.

Selective Repair

transmagic selective repair

When running repair operations on large assemblies, the software is optimized to find and repair only the parts that need it.

Split Trim Operations

split and trim operations with transmagic

Split-Trim operations allow you to create new edges or to physically separate (cut) or split surfaces, solids or assembles. This is useful not only for repair but for many downstream operations which can make use of these intersection curves.

Stitch Surfaces

stitch surface together with transmagic

Rapidly stitch together surfaces into reliable, watertight solid-models for use in downstream design and manufacturing processes. Enables the automatic calculation of mass properties such as volume, surface area and center of mass.

Compare TransMagic Optional Add-Ons

Add-Ons require a valid subscription for TransMagic SUPERVIEW, PRO or EXPERT.

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  • Easy, automated, and accurate. Add MagicHeal for advanced geometry repair and surface healing.
  • Rapid visual analysis of geometry errors Automated repair and surface healing Geometry conditioning Convert splines to analytic surfaces Create derivative assemblies Split surfaces, solids or assembles
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  • The most powerful, affordable 3D CAD Comparison and Validation solution available on the desktop.
  • Compare multiple versions Manage design revisions Validate against authority data Visualize & correct validation failures Automated industry-standard reports Comply with AS9100 and Boeing D6-51991 standards
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  • High volume batch import, repair, and translation to neutral and native 3D and 2D graphic formats.
  • Automated geometry repair and healing Optimize settings for file type Batch creation of 2D image libraries Isolate part files from large assemblies Translation log and error reporting Automated export of PMI and assembly tree information to XML files
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