3D CAD Geometry Repair with TransMgaic MagicHeal

Model and Surface Healing

Remove the guess work from fixing your CAD files. MagicHeal makes quick work of fixing major CAD geometry issues, typically with a single click of the "Perform Recommended Actions" button. Just click MagicSurface to cover gaps while controlling tangency and curvature continuity.

Detailed Product Features

Find Next

find the next open surface with transmagic

>The Find Next feature cycles through open edge circuits. These open edge circuits allow a user to either cover the open circuit with a surface, or optionally place edge conditions such as curvature continuity, sharp, or hole attributes that control how the surface should cover the open face.

Show Open Edges

show open edges with transmagic

Quickly show and identify all open 'circuits' or edges in a model. These are areas in a model that may need repairing or covering in order to create solid models.

Show Bad Geometry

show bad geometry with transmagic

After MagicHeal analyzes a model, if there are any issues, you can select the Show Bad Geometry function to highlight and display any error conditions in the model that need to be resolved.

Compare TransMagic Optional Add-Ons

Add-Ons require a valid subscription for TransMagic SUPERVIEW, PRO or EXPERT.

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  • Easy, automated, and accurate. Add MagicHeal for advanced geometry repair and surface healing.
  • Rapid visual analysis of geometry errors Automated repair and surface healing Geometry conditioning Convert splines to analytic surfaces Create derivative assemblies Split surfaces, solids or assembles
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  • The most powerful, affordable 3D CAD Comparison and Validation solution available on the desktop.
  • Compare multiple versions Manage design revisions Validate against authority data Visualize & correct validation failures Automated industry-standard reports Comply with AS9100 and Boeing D6-51991 standards
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  • High volume batch import, repair, and translation to neutral and native 3D and 2D graphic formats.
  • Automated geometry repair and healing Optimize settings for file type Batch creation of 2D image libraries Isolate part files from large assemblies Translation log and error reporting Automated export of PMI and assembly tree information to XML files
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