3D CAD Model Comparison with TransMagic MagicCheck

Compare CAD Parts and Assemblies

Accurately compare multiple versions of parts and assemblies to new design revisions. Analyze and document changes that require updating of downstream machine code, manufacturing process or inspection steps.

Detailed Product Features

Point to Part Comparison

Point to Part Checking and Comparison with TransMagic

Analyze measured part inspection data points against the master CAD model. Display color mapped points and shading which show out-of-tolerance deviation zones of CMM point data on the CAD part.

Part & Assembly Compare

3D CAD Part and Assembly Compare with TransMagic

Compare individual parts in an assembly to analyze and display design changes.  Use this data to update your manufacturing, tooling and inspection process to eliminate mistakes.

Point Browser Options

Accurate Visual Analysis: Boolean Unite & Subtract

The Point Browser has increased usability as it can be docked, dragged, expanded or collected into tabbed browser groups. The Transparent visibility setting allows increased visibility on both the model and the Point Browser.

Revision Management

Manage 3D CAD Model Revisions with TransMagic

Compare multiple versions of a CAD design to analyze and display changes to the models. See what changes were made at each stage with easy to understand color coding.

Multi-body compare

Compare: Multi-Body Compare

Load two assemblies in MagicCheck and compare individual bodies from each assembly (guided by a wizard), one part at a time.

Compare TransMagic Optional Add-Ons

Add-Ons require a valid subscription for TransMagic SUPERVIEW, PRO or EXPERT.

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  • Easy, automated, and accurate. Add MagicHeal for advanced geometry repair and surface healing.
  • Rapid visual analysis of geometry errors Automated repair and surface healing Geometry conditioning Convert splines to analytic surfaces Create derivative assemblies Split surfaces, solids or assembles
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  • The most powerful, affordable 3D CAD Comparison and Validation solution available on the desktop.
  • Compare multiple versions Manage design revisions Validate against authority data Visualize & correct validation failures Automated industry-standard reports Comply with AS9100 and Boeing D6-51991 standards
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  • High volume batch import, repair, and translation to neutral and native 3D and 2D graphic formats.
  • Automated geometry repair and healing Optimize settings for file type Batch creation of 2D image libraries Isolate part files from large assemblies Translation log and error reporting Automated export of PMI and assembly tree information to XML files
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